Trust Your Gut

Our gut contains over 100 trillion probiotic cells that outnumbers our normal cells by a factor of 10 to 1! Yet, we ignore their importance and the role they play in our health!

Probiotic Challenges

For those who are aware of the importance of probiotics


Most probiotics on the pharmacy, chemist or supermarket shelf perish before we purchase them


While those that we get to consume are destroyed by the stomach acid before they reach our guts where they are most useful!

The result
  • You disregard that probiotics are useful
  • Your poor gut health leads to a host of different ailments including allergies, anxiety, gut disorders, immune health issues etc
  • Intense emotional distress exacerbates the situation
  • Medications such as antibiotics have negative effects
  • Your weakening immune system also contributes to worsening the condition

Poor gut health leads to little, tinny, destructive army of creepy-crawlies waiting for the opportune time to inflict harm and disease. Bacteria, viruses, parasites and other infective agents that will pounce on your gut when good bacteria is destroyed and weakened

How does this make you feel

This leaves you feeling helpless vulnerable and anxious about your own wellbeing. There is a gut feeling that your health & balance is out of sync. In most cases, you are uncertain, full of doubt and mistrust with the level of probiotic replenishment offered by available products
With the advances in probiotic supplementation, you ought not to worry about how much probiotics get to your gut.

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